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clair84 (31)

Buckland, Kent

"Looking for a good man who knows how to treat a wo.."
gregor70 (46)

Rochester, Kent

"single dad, (dilf) lookinto date and meet new peo.."
bristolb.. (43)

Hythe, Kent

"true sincere nice guy seeks female for lasting fri.."
wbrown (34)

Edenbridge, Kent

"I'm a whimsical fun spirit by nature always driven.."
joanna19.. (32)

Grove Park, Kent

"nice girl, looking for romance, fun and maybe some.."
ann44 (32)

Singleton, Kent

"i believe that all is not loss,that i will find so.."
kimberle.. (33)

West Malling, Kent

"Sporty, funny lady looking for handsome man with s.."
yolmo (32)

Canterbury, Kent

"straight guy looking for a fun loving female"
lonelyro.. (43)

Stanhope, Kent

"Committed, Single and lonely man looking for a fri.."
sweetbar.. (36)

Lydd, Kent

"Looking for the right man who's willing to share l.."
Marinaar.. (34)

Chatham, Kent

"Hello guys,am here seriously looking for u"
lance25 (41)

Broadstairs, Kent

"looking for an attractive female for a relationshi.."
chrishur.. (39)

Sandwich, Kent

"looking for my soul mate,life partner to enjoy lif.."
Clair82 (34)

Newington, Kent

"Feeling optimistic and waiting to be pleasantly su.."
Sasixxx (45)

Denton, Kent

"Hello my name is Sarah & I'm new here..."

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What is it that makes a date good?

So… a good date… we've all (hopefully) had them, just as we've all had bad dates. But what was it about those (hopefully) good dates that made them good? Well, it can be a combination of things, and each one is as different as the dates themselves. We've got a few ideas, though, about how to ensure your date is a good one.

Okay, okay, it may sound as though we're being pretty shallow here, but this is about you, not them. If your clothing makes you feel good, confident, and above all suits the date you're on, then it will help you have a good time. Uncomfortable clothing that doesn't fit right or is too formal (or informal, come to that) for the occasion - whatever it is - will start the date off in a negative way. It can be difficult to get that good vibe going if your shoes are too tight.



What Men Should Wear On a First Date to Really Make An Impression

You've done it. You've found the girl or guy of your dreams, you've asked them out, they've said yes. You've found a nice restaurant (just fancy enough to impress, but not so expensive that you end up bankrupt), planned a movie or a show, and basically have everything arranged down to the final details.

Except for that one little thing…



Top 5 budget date ideas

If you are fortunate enough to score a string of dates, you old dog you, then sooner or later the matter of finances is going to rear its ugly head. With that in mind, you will no doubt be looking for cheap alternatives but without looking cheap to your date.

It can be a bit of a minefield, but it can be done - as we will demonstrate hear, with our top 5 budget date ideas (in no particular order).



The most romantic places in Kent for a date

We already know that Kent is a beautiful county. The well-named Garden of England has a little bit of everything, and no matter what you like to do, you can do it here. Sometimes Kent has a bit too much to offer, making choosing the perfect place to go on a date - first or otherwise - a difficult decision. But luckily enough, we've compiled a list of the five most romantic places in Kent for a date - enjoy!

Leeds Castle is also known as 'the loveliest castle in the world', and quite right too. This magnificent building, and the acres and acres of grounds (including a great restaurant and overnight accommodation) is the perfect place for a couple to spend a day together. Enjoy the history, enjoy the gardens, enjoy time with one another.



The best places in Kent for a first date

So you've done it. You've gone online and you've found your ideal partner to go out on a date with. And they've left it to you to organise. Congratulations! Not only have you snared the potential 'one', but you've been given free rein to choose exactly where you go and what you do. That means you can really show off your personality by picking your perfect first date - and since you're in the garden of England already, it would be a shame to waste all the wonders that Kent has to offer.

But where exactly is the best place in Kent for a first date?



The 5-Step Guide to The Perfect Profile

Your profile is your personal advertisement, so don't waste this opportunity to make a great first impression. Here we'll take you through the process of creating your profile, assisting you step-by-step to hook people's attention and reel them in for more.

Step 1. Name



How Women Should Dress On a First Date to Really Make An Impression

A date is actually happening. Whether it's been a while or you're really into the dating scene, choosing an outfit is very possibly the most difficult part. Yes, there will be nerves, yes, you might not have a clue what you're going to talk about, but those clothes… that's a tough one.

Don't worry though; this little list of first date outfit ideas could just see you out the door looking fantastic. So that's one less thing to have to think about.